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Spring planting



Gladioli (annual) are the most important crop and your field’s highest earner. By staggering planting times, you can achieve a flowering period of 10-14 weeks.

We offer a high-quality mix of more than 60 different varieties (bulb size 10/12), including early, mid-season, and late blooming varieties, as well as all manner of colours from white to bicolour to dark violet. We also have an early mix (bulb size 12/14) consisting entirely of early varieties to ensure a quick start to the season. A blooming field of gladioli is indispensable for the success of your operation. Additional images are available here ▶



Lilies are becoming increasingly important for our fields, because they begin blooming around 3-4 weeks before gladioli, thereby extending the season.

In addition, the right varieties of lily will typically bloom for two and sometimes as many as five years or more. We offer a mix of more than ten varieties in white, yellow, orange, red and pink. The varieties are all early to mid-season bloomers, which ensures that they will largely bloom before the gladioli. A blooming field of lilies is a feast for the eyes.

Additional images are available here ▶



The dahlia is just in the fall a useful and excellent addition for your flower field to also be able to present an attractive offer in the fields in September and October. Especially in combination with late blooming sunflowers and chrysanthemums, the flower field is a colorful eye-catcher. The late autumn weeks thus still provide a solid income. Simultaneously, the late flowers will contribute of your customers contributes and they will surely thank you for it in the next season by more visits. We offer a mix of pompom, ball and cactus dahlias in a wide-range of colours. Dahlias are a beautiful autumn addition to your field. Additional images are available here ▶