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Decorative gourds & decorative corn

These decorative fruits have become increasingly popular in recent years and they provide an interesting supplementary product for your flower field. Gourds (Cucurbita) are a genus of the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae). There are now over 800 species of gourd and they are among the oldest crop plants in the world. They are also extremely versatile – as well as being used as autumnal and Halloween decorations, they are also the main ingredient in a range of culinary dishes.

Decorative corn (Zea mays japonica) is closely related to its well-known cousin, sweetcorn. Inside their leaves, these decorative cobs have strikingly colourful kernels. When fully ripened and stored in a dry place, the cobs can keep for many years without losing their wonderful colours. There are two approaches to growing these crops:

1. If your field is large enough, you can plant the gourds and corn there for your customers to harvest.

2. Otherwise you can plant these crops elsewhere, harvest them yourself, and place them in boxes at your flower field.


Small mix

Attractive combination of colours and shapes, including warted, ribbed and winged varieties


Medium mix

Decorative mix, including warted, swan, and small turban varieties


Large mix

(>20 cm) Colourful mix, including round and flat, warted, ribbed and large turban varieties


Edible mix

Delicious mix of edible squash, including Hokkaido, Uchiki, Kuri and more


Halloween pumpkins

Racer F1, Expert F1 and Spooky. The typical hallowean pumpkin can be very well hollowed out and carved


Decorative corn

We offer the following varieties: strawberry, baby Corn-Halequin and Amero.