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Accessories and advertising materials

A successful, well-functioning flower field will also need some other important components: a cash box system that is robust and secure, advertising banners, and effective, visually appealing signs. We offer you the opportunity to promote your flower field in an efficient way that provides good value for money.



The experience we have gained on our own fields means we know exactly which machines are suitable for which crops. We develop and construct especially customised machines that can be obtained through us directly. You will of course be regularly informed about new products and any further advances etc.

Take a look at the machines we use to cultivate our fields.


Cash boxes

We can provide you with all-in-one systems that are robust and secure, as well as replacement parts and labels. One system that we developed recently is the ‘Panzerkasse b²’. The individual components were constructed and finished at an automated punching and laser-cutting centre. This results in stronger, more effective theft protection. As you would expect, we only use top quality components. We can provide the right cash box for pick-your-own businesses of all sizes.


Advertising materials

A well-cultivated flower field will always be an attractive crowd-puller and it is the best advertisement for your business. However, we can also help you with the signage for your flower fields – whether it’s eye-catching advertising banners, cash box signs or information signs. Our range of advertising materials is available to you at all times of year. In line with your expectations, it is delivered quickly and at an attractive price.