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Our products will help you cultivate both success and enjoyment

Selecting high-quality products is the foundation for a sustainable and profitable flower field. We can also recommend varieties that meet your specific requirements. Our high quality products have come about as a result of our conscientious, extensive and long-standing partnerships with renowned growers.

We also offer the perfect range of products to help you set up and advertise your field.

With our attractive signage – including advertising banners, direction signs and vinyl lettering – your flower field is sure draw in customers. We also offer fully galvanized, robust cash boxes, a newly developed secure cash box system, and much more...


Spring planting

By sowing multiple batches of sunflowers and planting multiple batches of gladioli, you will lengthen the flowering phase, which in turn will hugely increase your field’s attractive pull. We are also constantly expanding our range of lilies and are adding new, very early varieties. Having overlapping flowering periods allows you to significantly increase your earnings.


Autumn planting

With our exclusive mix of early and late flowering tulips, your flower field season will begin two weeks earlier! By using our ideal mix of bulbs (which includes our prepared tulips), it is possible to successfully extend the flowering period and your earnings will be noticeably higher. The advantage of using our prepared tulips is that they flower ten days earlier and for ten days longer!



After gladioli, sunflowers are the most important crop for your field. By staggering sowing times, you can have flowers from July to October – and sometimes even into November.

These tall sun lovers are a firm favourite among many customers. We also have our own mildew-resistant  breeds.



Our autumn chrysanthemums have become increasingly popular in recent years. We regularly trial new variants and are constantly improving our mixes.


Decorative gourds & decorative corn

Gourds can be sown outdoors from May. Our product range also includes decorative corn. We can provide you with one-variant packs as well as special mixes.


Accessories and advertising materials

Our range of products includes machinery (including our own especially customised machines), cash box systems, advertising banners and direction signs. Above all else, we offer you service, quality, and personalised advice.