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PYO - Pick your own flowers - a safe investment in the future!

Are you planning to expand your agricultural business or restructure it in a sustainable way? Then we should get to know each other! We will show you the way to a successful flower field!

blumen bär GmbH is a successful family company that offers the perfect combination of decades of experience, first-class expertise, high-quality products and innovative technologies at fair prices to ensure that you have ideal conditions to optimally cultivate PYO pick-your-own fields.

We support you in all matters, including site selection, choosing the right flowers to meet your specific needs, the provision of flower bulbs, seeds, machines, advertising, and much more.

Our emphasis is on providing practical, knowledgeable and personalized customer service. For evidence of the loyalty and continuity that characterise our partnerships with customers, look no further than the more than 600 operations that we advise in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Scotland and England.

If you have questions or are interested in our range of services, please contact us by phone or by e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.


The flower growing experts

We are specialists in the cultivation and management of pick-your-own flower fields and we love sharing our expert knowledge with our customers. By understanding the requirements and specifications of our customers, we can develop expandable, adaptable solutions that are viable in the long term.


Consistently high quality

We want to ensure that in the future, we will still be helping you to successfully achieve your goals. With this in mind, we are already addressing the challenges that tomorrow will bring. We work together with our breeders to continuously improve our seeds and bulbs.


Prioritising customer value

Make the most of our expert knowledge and our experience. As a customer, you will receive our regular newsletter and have access to the customer area of our website. You can stay up to date by reading important information and tips about all aspects of managing your pick-your-own field.

Comprehensive service

We provide professional assistance, top quality products and excellent tips – we are here to help. Our range of services covers the entire scope of this line of business.

We open up new horizons

The benefits for you: minimal investment, minimal risk, rapid return on investment. We will ensure, that your new business venture is profitably.

Reaping the rewards together

For many years, we have been helping our customers to develop profitable pick-your-own operations with a secure future. We will only be satisfied once it is successful.