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Site selection

Choosing the right location for your flower field is the key to success. The field should be on a busy road. Ideally the traffic on the road should be slow-moving. The field should also be easily visible and there should be parking spaces right next to it. It is also advantageous if there are residential areas nearby and if the field is not far from villages and/or towns.


Good parking facilities

The parking facilities for the flower field should be very close to the road and to your flower field. Please ensure that the substrate is reinforced (e.g. with gravel or woodchip) and that there is space for turning and manoeuvring. Having a notice board with an appropriate message will prevent illegal or long-term parking at your field.


The right flowers

We will recommend types and breeds of flowers that are perfectly suited to the regional conditions and characteristics of your fields. We are always working to further improve our high-quality plant material. We are constantly testing new methods and machinery so that we can make it as easy as possible for you to grow flowers. We pride ourselves in our service, our quality and our personalised advice.


Planting technology

The experience we have gained on our own fields means we know exactly which machines are suitable for which crops. We develop and construct especially customised machines that can be obtained through us directly. We also sell used machinery.


Cultivation schedules and advice

Our practical recommendations are always adapted to fit to our customers’ individual needs. We respond quickly to new developments in the market and we offer support and assistance in the face of any other challenges.



A successful, well-functioning flower field will also need some other important components: a cash box system that is robust and secure, advertising banners, and effective, visually appealing signs. We offer you the opportunity to promote your flower field in an efficient way that provides good value for money.