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Advertising materials


Advertising banners

Our advertising banners with eyelets are made of robust, lightweight, weatherproof materials and they are especially designed for outdoor use. This banner is available in yellow or white and it has red text. Dimensions: 2.00 m x 0.80 m.


Eye-catching signs

Our durable advertising banners are printed with special outdoor ink, which means they can withstand even very tough conditions. The banner’s density means that it will not rip easily and the eyelets make it quick and easy to put up.


Cash box sign

For the clearest possible price information, the types of flowers and their prices can be added using vinyl lettering. Custom text can also be added. Suggested dimensions for the integral foam sign: 1.00 m x 1.25 m.


Crop/adjustable signs

The names and prices of the relevant crops are stuck on using smaller signs (adjustable signs). This means that the cash box sign only ever displays the crops that are currently available in the field.


Direction sign

This heavy-duty adhesive sticker is especially designed for outdoor use. Dimensions: 90 cm x 30 cm. The sticker can be used in a variety of different ways, e.g. for sticking onto a plastic sign or a rigid foam board. It is UV-resistant and weatherproof.


Custom text

You will receive the text and lettering as self- adhesive printed sheets. The surface of the sign must be thoroughly cleaned before applying the sheets. The sheets are UV-resistant and weatherproof. With a little practice, they are easy to apply.


Arrow for the cash box

The brightly coloured arrow shows customers where the payment slot is located. We also recommend applying a sticker explaining that the cash box is emptied daily – an important piece of information. The stickers are UV-resistant and weatherproof.


Information sign

Fully galvanised metal podium. Total height: 1.15 m. This can be used to display A4 signs or printed information. Price signs, crop information and parking signs etc. can be attached using hook and loop pads.


Crop information

You can download the crop information as A4 documents here. They can be laminated, attached to the information signs and then placed in the field. We would also be happy to post you the crop information as laminated A4 pages.